Vertically suspended, Single or double case, Diffuser type, Single or multistage, Single or Double Suction First Stage options, Submerged bearing, Closed impeller, Pull-out or Non-pull-out, Adjustable vane, Semi-open impeller
Product Data Book Sea water, river water intake pumping stations Storm water pumping stations. Capacity 13 m3/min (3400 USGPM)  ̴ Head 8m (26ft)  ̴ Bore 350mm (14 in)  ̴ Casing CI / SS316 / Duplex

VS (VS3)

Vertically suspended, Single case, Diffuser type, Single-stage, Submerged bearing, Open impeller, Pull-out or Non-pull-out, Adjustable vane
Product Data Book Type: VS3 Water Supply/Transfer Pump Water Drainage Pump Circulation Pump Capacity ~9000 m3/h (~ 40,000 USGPM) Head ~6m (~ 20 ft) Temperature 0~40℃ (32 ~ 110 deg F) Liquid clear water, waste water, rainwater, river water, industrial water


Vertically suspended, Single casing, Radial split casing, Single or Multistage, Submerged bearing
Product Data Book Type: VS4Vertical, Submerged, Radial splitMultistage, Diffuser type casingClassed impallerSmall installation area Capacityupto 200 m3/h (900 U.S.gpm)Headupto 100 m (525 ft)Temperature-40℃~+200℃ (-40℉~+400℉)Flange RatingASME Class 150 Ib as standard Others are also available


Vertical, Double case, Radial split casing, Multistage, Radial split diffuser or volute inner casing, Submerged bearing
Product Data Book Type: VS6 Vertical, Canned, Radial split Multistage, Diffuser type casing Full compliance with API 610 Small installation area Low NPSH performance Capacity upto 5500 m3/h (24200 U.S.gpm) Head upto 800 m (2600 ft) Temperature -105℃~+340℃ (-157℉~+644℉) Flange Rating ASME Class 300 Ib as standardOthers are also available


Vertical, Single case, Foot mount, Radial split casing volute type, Single-stage, Overhung. Closed or semi-open impeller, Bottom suction
Product Data Book Casing – Cast Iron Impeller – Stainless Steel Vertical Mixed Flow Pump Capacity 13 – 75 m3/min (3,400-19,800 usgpm) Head 4.5 -22 m (14.7-72 ft)



Vertical, Submerged motor type, Bottom suction with separate or column pipe discharge
Product Data Book Casing: Cast iron Impeller: Cast iron Flow 180 to 2400 mᶾ/hr Head 50 to 4 m Temperature 0 to 40°C 3ph, 50 Hz Speed 1,450 ,1,200 rpm