Horizontal, single case, Radial split casing, Single-stage, Overhung, ISO Standard
End suction pumps in stainless steel Product Data Book

EBARA PROCESS PUMPS MODEL IFW of single stage, end suction, foot supported, horizontal type have been widely used in the chemical industry, petroleum refineries, the petrochemical industry and other industries for many years. Many improvements have been recently made on this pump to enhance its performance. “This money ...


Horizontal, single case, Centerline support. Radial split casing, Single-stage, Overhung, Single suction
Horizontal Centrifugal Pump Product Data Book Type: OH2 Centerline supported heavy duty design Back pull-out casing Full compliance with API 610 specifications All components have been designed for maximum parts interchangeability Flexibility of design handles wide range of liquids All sizes stocked for last shipment Low NPSH performance CapacitiesTo 1920m³/h (8450 USGPM)HeadsTo 380 m (1250 ft)Max Working PressureConsistent with pressure rating of ANSI Class 300 ...


Horizontal, single case, Centerline support, Radial split casing, single stage, Overhung, Single suction, Sealless
API685 Canned Motor Pump Product Data Book International Standards Pump design in accordance with API685 No leakage Safe and environmentally friendly due to sealless design No exposed moving parts No danger caused by mechanical moving parts No complicated seal system and auxiliary piping Easy maintenance due to no seal system and piping Small installation area Small installation area allows compact plant design No alignment work required No ...


Horizontal-overhung slurry service, Single stage, Singe suction, Double-casing, Centerline support
Product Data Book Type: OH2 View the product brochure


Horizontal, single case, Axial split casing, Single-stage, Between bearing, Semi-open impeller
Product Data Book


Horizontal, single case, Axial split casing, Single-stage. Between bearing. Semi-open impeller. Open impeller for Model HS Capacity ~144,000 m3/h Head ~10m Temperature 0~40℃ Liquid river waterwaste waterrain watersea water