Horizontal, single case, Centerline support. Radial split casing, Single-stage, Overhung, Single suction

Horizontal Centrifugal Pump

  • Type: OH2
  • Centerline supported heavy duty design
  • Back pull-out casing
  • Full compliance with API 610 specifications
  • All components have been designed for maximum parts interchangeability
  • Flexibility of design handles wide range of liquids
  • All sizes stocked for last shipment
  • Low NPSH performance
CapacitiesTo 1920m³/h (8450 USGPM)
HeadsTo 380 m (1250 ft)
Max Working PressureConsistent with pressure rating of ANSI Class 300 flanges as a standard. Higher pressure ratings are available.
RotationClockwise viewed from coupling end
Temperatures-100°C to 450°C (-150° to 850°F)
ANSI Class 300 as Standard
Stuffing BoxSuitable for Conventional packing & mechanical seal